Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions

It’s our standard terms and conditions web design and web developments apply to all our work contracts taken by IndexRise.com for its customers.

#Payment and Deposits

A 50% deposit of the total fees must payable immediately under our proposal over instruction from you proceed web site design and development. The remaining 50% payment must send to us when completing your work and reasonable satisfaction on the work. We reserve the rights to pending the delivery of work until the payment fully paid. The 50% is only refundable if not we started your work on the time and the work not going on under our agreement. The deposit is refundable if the web design and web development work started and ongoing to finish and you withdraw from the work contract cause any particular reason or fault from our side.

#Supply of Content and Materials

You must supply the images and text content information required from us to complete the work without any specified notice or agreement. You must supply images, logos, written copy and other printed materials. If you delaying to supply the materials can cause the completion of work delivering to you. If the materials supply delayed from you we have the rights to extend the deadline for work completion and charge a reasonable amount if that necessary.

#Work Variations

We are offering you the revisions of the web design, but we have the right to limit the number of design revisions to shows you. If you want more design proposals for your website we have the right a reasonable amount of additional charge for the changes from the original design.

Our web development phase is flexible and we are committed to finishing our work within our work agreement, variations we promised and our payment terms. If you want major changes on your wen developments agreed without our work terms or specifications we will charge at the rate of $20 per hour or $100 per day. It depends on your demands wants an additional change of the website.

#Project Delays and Liabilities

We are continues updates on every about your website development and want your feedback and minor changes if you want to your website. We want the full cooperation of you we will mail you images of the final development of your website time to time. During the periods of the development stage, we need your feedback on the website development progress in all phases. We will contact you daily basis by email or any messaging tools if want your feedback and advice any time in the websites development stage.

#Work Approval

After completion of the web development work, we will notify you of opportunity for review of the work. You must respond us on the work within 3 working days from the notified day. If you responded within 3 days from the notified time we will move to approve your work. Once approved the work you will not able to reject the work at any time then we will able to send you to tender the balance 50% balance amount due, you will pay the balance due at the earliest and complete the work agreement between us.

#Rejection of Work

If you reject the work within the 3 days of the review period, we will quickly act on remedies you notified to us you. If you feel any unsatisfactory on the work we will be acting on it reasonably. If you acting unreasonably on the work or makes any kind of rejection of the work we can select to treat the work agreement smoothly and complete the project accurately as per the work contract to finish the project then recover the balance payment for the completed work.

#Balance Payment

After completion your work project we will send you the invoice for balance payment of the project. You will send the payment within the 3 days. We will submit the project completely to you.

#Your Rights And Ownership Of Intellectual Property Rights

You must obtain or prove all-important permission and right to use of all text contents, company logos, graphic images, name, and trademarks or any other material supply to us. Our clients like you must indemnify us and hold us from any legal claims related contents from the website we developed for you.

#Software and Other License

Once you have paid fully for the web development project we grant to transfer all licenses for use the website and include developing software licenses to you. All related content and software license is lifetime and related the software companies terms and conditions.

#Search Engine Position

We working all web development with basic search engine optimization. But we do not give any guarantee in a specific position of your website in any search engine’s search result. Search engine optimization is a most important tactic work for all websites. Please contact us for more details about SEO work for your website.

#Consequential Loss and Liability

We are not liable for any loss or damage if you suffer personally or business which is any delay in performance or completion of our work contract, however, that our work contract delay arises.


We have reserver all right to give subcontract of any part of work and service in our work contract. We have agreed to the subcontractor works quality and accuracy matching with our work terms and conditions matching with all part of our project.

#Non Disclosure

We IndexRise.com and Related websites agreed that we are not sharing you any information about you (It’s personal or Confidential) with other third parties.

#Additional Expenses

You are to pay an additional charge to us for any requested expenses which do not part of our work agreement package include templates, plugins, third-party paid software, stock images, fonts, domain name registration and web hosting or any comparable expenses. (If you want an addition to our work contract)

#Work Backup

IndexRise.com responsible for maintaining your own backups with respect to your website. IndexRise.com will not be liable for restore any client data or client websites.

#Ownership of Domain Name and Web Hosting

We will share your account credentials for domain name registration and web hosting details that we purchased for your website. We collecting payment for your domain registration and web hosting are annual mode. You should need to renew it annually.

#Governing Law

Our Work agreement constituted by these terms and conditions and all proposals will be constructed according to and is subject to Judiciary of India. You and IndexRise.com submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the State of Kerala, India related to any dispute arising under these terms and conditions or related any services we created for you.

#Cross Browser Compatability

We are using the latest version of all web development software, Content Management System like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and other E-Commerce Platforms. The website we developed are compatible with all modern web browsers recent versions of Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and it’s Android and iOS versions. If the website we developed not support or any incompatibility found with browsers mentioned above we will work seriously on the best effort and find a solution for it.

#E-Commerce Web Development

We will develop for any kind of E-Commerce website for you. But you are responsible for the content and materials of the e-commerce website with all relevant laws in operating your shipments in related countries. We are not responsible for any claims, penalty, tax, tariff loss and goods damage reporting from your clients from the use internet electronic commerce.


Note:- Read ou term and conditions fro start a good business with us. We need full support from our clients like you for developing better web development business for both us.